Tsui Manor Resort and Condominiums
Your One-Stop Lodging and Special Event Solution

Water Condominiums

  1. Tsui Manor @ Seven Coves Resorts
    Cozy one and two-bedroom condominiums with balconies over the water. You can't get closer to the water without getting your feet wet.
  2. Swimming Tennis, Basket Ball and Kids Playground
  3. Fully Furnished Kitchens - Just Bring Food and Drink
  4. Marina, Fishing Pier, Boat Ramp and Gated Berths
    Are some of the Amenities available
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  6. Don't forget our Country Resort and Private Pool
    Perfect for Weddings, Birthdays and Family Reunions. Two acres of quiet country solitude. East of Willis TX, 20 minutes from the Lake and State Parks. Onsite seating for up to 45 guests.